Andrew Mallia completed his apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery In 1977 and 1978,
winning ‘Apprentice of the Year’ for both these years. During his apprenticeship, Andrew
sub-contracted for six years working in a range of environments, including churches, the
Public Works Department, hospitals and schools.
As his reputation for quality work and project management grew, Andrew became the lead
contractor and business grew rapidly.
By 1982, the volume of work had outgrown sole entrepreneur scope so Andrew established
Mallia Builders (Vic.) Pty Ltd with himself as Director. He continued to develop the business
along the lines he had established as a sole trader -- providing clients with quality work,
delivered on time and on cost.
For maximum flexibility, skill range, speed of response and efficiency, Mallia Builders works
with a mix of staff and sub-contractors.
Mallia Builders has the appropriate Registered Workplace Agreements in place and works to
them to ensure that industrial issues never interfere with projects.
In addition, all trades employed are fully qualified to their skill level. The four Construction
Managers have completed their Occupational Health and Safety 'Construction Industry Safety
Course' and are qualified in First Aid to Emergency Level 2 and Senior First Aid standard.