MALLIA BUILDERS is committed to meeting and exceeding client expectations in:
* Quality of work
* Speed of work
* Flexibility of working plans
* Completion on time
* Completion on cost
* Accommodation of client site needs
* Security.
We achieve these aims through focus on them at every point in our operations. We plan to
succeed in every task we undertake. Every member of our team, both staff and sub-contractors,
is imbued with our commitment. The processes and procedures we bring to each project have
been developed over more than two decades of industry experience.
This experience means that our tenders are real world, reflecting real costs and based on
real time. They are also client-centred, designed to meet the specific needs of clients in every
element of the task, from choice of materials and work plans to meet client access needs on
secure sites where business is continuing while work is in progress.
Liaison with clients in these matters and the establishment of clear lines of communication
are always priorities to ensure safe, secure and productive working conditions.
Andrew Mallia brings to every project more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of
building industry trades, business and project planning and administration and offers
expert advice and support to clients on project specification, tendering and time control.
That experience and expertise is backed by judicious use of appropriate technology for
greatest efficiency and project overhead minimisation.
Mallia Builders has an exceptional reputation for reliability in controlling costs and
achieving time targets through effective planning, administration and and trade expertise,
team work and communication and a disciplined approach to the fundamentals of the
building industry and the needs of clients.
The result is a high quality, cost effective construction, completed on time in the way the
client wants the work done.
The company is available to work 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. With its flexible
structure of staff and selected sub-contractors, it can pull together a first class team for a
job at a moment's notice.
A detail: all Mallia Builders' staff carry mobile phones to provide immediate communication
with each other, with the office and with the Director. An office system ensures that
messages left at the office are promptly passed on to the appropriate person.