The Director, Andrew Mallia, established Mallia Builders (Vic.) Pty Ltd with a nucleus of
hand-picked employees and sub-contractors and steadily built it to what it is today -- a
lean, strong, flexible company which is a leader in its niche in the building industry.
Mallia Builders is structured to handle refurbishment and new building contracts in the range
up to $15 million with no fat, but planned headroom for taking the next step up if needed.
We are headquartered in a 4500 square foot factory at Adrian Road, Campbellfield, equipped
and staffed to produce the kind of quality fittings for which the company is known.
All Mallia Builders employees and sub-contractors are fully qualified to ensure the company
can supply quality workers in all trades to execute any type of project in all areas of the
building industry.
All are versed in Mallia Builders' primary priority of meeting the needs of clients for quality,
speed, cost containment, and non-disruption of ongoing business.
Mallia Builders has extensive experience in working in secure areas and in maintaining
security on the job; a high priority in these times.
The structure, size and unique blend of expertise and experience of Mallia Builders means
that we are the ideal choice for many projects.
We are big enough to handle large, complex projects or a number of projects simultaneously,
but small enough so that overheads are minimised.
We are flexible and fast on its feet to meet client needs, and when you talk to Andrew Mallia
you are talking to a hands-on, trade-trained boss who knows your job and every one of his
staff personally.
That means Mallia Builders gets things done -- fast and right.